Hundreds of New Yorkers gather for YPC’s first-ever Big Sing

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Elizabeth Núñez, Mark Shapiro, Francisco J. Núñez, Rollo Dilworth, and Johnny Rabe join in for “Hey Jude”

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, Young People’s Chorus of New York City celebrated its 30th Anniversary by inviting all of NYC to join in a community sing-along, the YPC Big Sing, and it was a HUGE success.

Long-time YPC supporter Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer was among the first to arrive and congratulated YPC and its founder Francisco J. Núñez on 30 years of excellence.

Hundreds of New Yorkers gather for YPC’s first-ever community sing-along

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer congratulates YPC on its 30th anniversary

Audience members buzzed with excitement as they joined choristers in a concert led by Francisco Núñez, Elizabeth Núñez, and YPC’s fantastic guest conductors Rollo Dilworth and Mark Shapiro. Classics like “This Little Light of Mine,” “La Bamba,” and “Hey Jude” were just a few of the songs in the program. As the sounds of 4-part harmonies filled the room, you couldn’t help but feel the magic being shared among family, friends, and supporters of YPC. 

Tish Rabe reads letter from Bob McGrath, as Kermit and Baritone Johnny Rabe stand by.

YPC choristers perform “A Sound of Music Medley” from this summer’s award-winning tour

Francisco J. Núñez leads the crowd in “La Bamba”

Surprise guests from Sesame Street, Kermit the frog and Tish Rabe, delivered a letter from Bob McGrath, who was unable to attend. Mr. McGrath, a long-time friend of YPC, requested that everyone sing loud enough so that he could hear them from his home in New Jersey, and sent best wishes from everyone at Sesame Street.

Elizabeth Núñez leads the audience in “Funiculi, Funicula”

“The energy in the room was sensational.”- Mark Shapiro, Guest Conductor

Guest conductor Mark Shapiro

Guest conductor Rollo Dilworth

As the event came to a close audience members and choristers alike joined voices to sing YPC’s anthem, “Give us Hope,” a strong reminder of the incredible support the community has given YPC thought the years.  

Crowd sings along

Photos by Jennifer Taylor