YPC Takes on Hamamatsu

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After a successful concert in Kyoto, we took a bullet train from Kyoto to Hamamatsu. YPC faced a challenge upon arrival in Hamamatsu. Hamamatsu is Japan’s music city: it is home to the Yamaha and Kawai Pianos, the Sazuki violin and many artist have made their mark in this city. Well now it’s YPC’s turn. I along with the rest of my fellow choristers were very nervous about this concert. I really wanted YPC to make its mark on the stage in Japan’s musical Capital. We prepared vigorously at our tech rehearsal and it paid off. The hall wasn’t really designed for us and was an Opera house, but YPC loves a challenge. Not only was it a great performance, but it was our best by far. We were all focused and the concert was a great success. We were all excited afterwards, but we couldn’t celebrate being that we had a concert the next day. So we officially made our mark in Japan’s musical capital!

– Chris M.