YPC Rocks Chicago and the National ACDA Convention!

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This Chicago trip has been stressful, crazy and fun.  We worked so hard to get that magical experience with the music and we got it!  I am so proud of every single person here and we did an amazing job.  I love every single one you guys.  We DEFINITELY rocked those pitches!

– Dianne, Concert Chorus

Chicago was an unforgettable trip.  Rehearsals after rehearsals, it got better and better.  I actually wanted more rehearsals to get even better.  We sang songs of a variety and the most memorable one was “Things” by Meredith Monk.  After hours and hours of trying to memorize “Things” and other songs on the plane the bus, the aftermath of the concert felt phenomenal.  I’m so glad I got to experience the wonderful large halls of Chicago where we sang with thousands of people in our audience.  The sounds of our voices were blown around the enormous halls in the windy city.  I was amazed how nice the pitches were flowing.  While experiencing the wonderful city, I met many new people.  Conductor after conductor repeatedly complimented us on how wonderful we were.  It felt awesome because our hard work came out.  It was a worthy trip and one that I will always remember.  The magic was definitely there!

– Christine, Concert Chorus

Let’s face it – trips can be terrifying.  This trend stretches from a daring excursion to your corner deli to ones on entirely different continents.  All of the fifty singers who gave up hours of their lives and sacrificed their more pedestrian priorities for this trip pondered that.  Clearly it was very important for us to show our incredible talents and to properly do justice in performing the five works (and an encore) that Francisco and the other conductors painstakingly taught us.  The faith that the YPC staff had in all of us was truly touching and I found it to be extremely inspirational.

The trip itself was the culmination of a plethora of effort, yet all of us were able to properly mix professionalism with the true YPC spirit.  Making new friends and having new experiences while also performing at tremendous venues was a humbling experience and it was certainly one I will always be proud to be a part of.

-Melissa, Concert Chorus