This week at (11.12.2020)

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This week at (11.12.2020)

HEROES –“Together Wherever We Go”

“Together Wherever We Go” is the latest selection from our Heroes album, delivering a lively message of camaraderie and friendship. Tap your toes, enjoy the sights of NYC, and marvel at how our choristers remain connected no matter where they may be.


Monica Soyemi’s “Less Different Than We Believe” is the latest release from Just Songs (Unplugged). In this original track, YPC alumna Monica shares her unique voice and love of music with the hope that it will bring the world just a little closer together. She wants listeners to take away that we should “…give others the opportunity to share who they really are. We may be surprised by what we find.”

Just Songs is a YPC commissioning program that amplifies voices of first-time and emerging songwriters to inspire our choristers to understand and access today’s world through music. In Just Songs (Unplugged), YPC talent performs acoustic versions of their songs and talks about the issues of social equity facing our communities today.

VOICES OF YPC: Blaize Adam

Each child who walks through YPC’s doors brings a unique voice, which becomes a permanent part of our tapestry. From current choristers to alumni who have gone on to successful careers, we celebrate their voices, individually and collectively.  Here, we celebrate them through Voices of YPC. For this week’s feature, meet YPC Alumnus, Blaize Adam.


As we share our music with the entire world through our dynamic new platform, In the Key of Lovewe ask for your support to keep our choristers on the global stage.