YPC featured on NBC-TV special celebrating Andrew Lloyd Webber

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YPC was honored to be included in the 70th birthday celebration of legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of musical theater’s most renowned composers, in the NBC-TV special Andrew Lloyd Webber: Tribute to a Superstar. The hour-long special, which also featured John Legend, Glenn Close, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, included a four-minute segment in which Mr. Lloyd Webber visited the YPC headquarters, where choristers had a chance to perform “Go, Go, Go Joseph” from Mr. Lloyd Webber’s iconic Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the composer and ask him questions about music, art, and life. Mr. Lloyd Webber selected YPC to appear on his birthday special because he said, “YPC is one of my favorite charities.”

Alongside YPC Artistic Director and Founder Francisco J. Núñez, Mr. Lloyd Webber spoke about the importance of his early life in developing his passion for music. Growing up in a musical household, Mr. Lloyd Webber was given space to explore his love of music, and musical theater in particular. He emphasized the immense privilege of having the opportunity to pursue what you love. “If in life you know what you want to do, you’re very, very lucky, and at that point you should never have any self-doubt,” he advised. “You should just go on and thank God that you’re allowed and you’re able to work in the area that you love.” Mr. Lloyd Webber has been an outsized presence on Broadway for almost fifty years, and remains one to this day—advertisements for his recent hit show, School of Rock, adorn the M66 buses that stop every day outside of our office.

Mr. Lloyd Webber ended his visit by emphasizing the importance of passion, and retaining a sense of joy in your creative work: “I hope you’re all going to follow your dream and perform,” he advised. It was a resonant message for the choristers, many of whom are at a point in their lives where they are choosing how they want to incorporate music into their lives. “Just remember have fun with it though, and to do it with passion.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber (center) with Young People’s Chorus of New York City and Francisco J. Núñez, Founder and Artistic Director (front, right)

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC