YPC Cantare at the Dress Rehearsal (Bergan PAC)

4:24 p.m.


We are here at the Bergen PAC in Englewood, New Jersey with 37 members of YPC’s Cantare Division, performing with the Thurnauer School of Music.


The full chorus, including Cantare and many children from the Thurnauer School of Music, is on stage right now with the school’s orchestra.  They are rehearsing Francisco’s “Three Dominican Folksongs.”  Elizabeth began the rehearsal, and now the orchestra’s conductor, Lou Kousma, is continuing the rehearsal.  He keeps checking with Francisco about balance as Francisco listens from several locations throughout the hall.  At first it was difficult to hear the chorus over the orchestra, but with some rehearsing the balance has improved!


4:32 p.m.


Still working on “Three Dominican Folksongs” – trying the third movement, Arroz con leche.  This time, we’re going to take it more up-tempo – instead of conducting in 3, let’s try conducting in 1.  A bit of improvement as Lou looks back at Francisco – still needs to be a little faster!  Better.  Elizabeth is speaking to the chorus – she tells them we need a brighter tone, and stronger consonants.  She demonstrates for them and they make improvements for the next run-through.  Much better!