[Broadway World] Young People’s Chorus Of NYC Releases Just Songs (Unplugged), An Inspiring Album From YPC Alumni

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Young People’s Chorus Of NYC Releases Just Songs (Unplugged), An Inspiring Album From YPC Alumni

By: BWW News Desk
January 11, 2021

“The world-renowned Young People’s Chorus of New York City (YPC) has announced the release of a new album, Just Songs (Unplugged), a compilation of acoustic solo works with lyrical themes centered around social issues. The album is part of YPC’s new commissioning program, Just Songs, showcasing original music created by YPC alumni, now emerging songwriters and solo vocalists, as they navigate the unprecedented challenges in today’s world.

The Just Songs program, which offers an incubation process, reflects YPC’s goal of continuing to provide choristers and alumni with resources and support as they establish their own successful careers. The songwriters will serve as role models for the organization’s young choristers while also developing a new breadth of social justice repertoire for the young singers.


This winter, the artists will work with YPC’s choral members, grades 3-10, to perform Just Songs (Amplified), a set of new choral arrangements of the original songs, at concerts currently being planned for 2021 and on streaming platforms. Composers and performers for Just Songs (Unplugged) are Blaize Adam, Nia Drummond, Caroline Kuhn, Jordan Reynoso, Nate Sabat, Monica Soyemi, and Nia Soyemi. The music can be accessed on the organization’s new virtual multi-media platform In The Key of Love, on ypc.org, and on all digital audio streaming platforms.

‘The events of this past year have forced us to look in the mirror, individually and collectively, and ask ourselves where we are in history and what we can do better,’ said Francisco J. Núñez, founder and artistic director of YPC. ‘This is an opportunity to rethink, reimagine, and rebuild our communities with the goal of creating a just world. These emerging artists, some of whom are first-time songwriters, are bursting with so much to say and are excited to use their talents as a measure for change. The journey has produced incredibly powerful music that deeply resonates with people. My hope is that Just Songs reflects what can be achieved when young adults mentor young people.’

Just Songs continues YPC’s longtime reputation for commissioning many of today’s most distinguished composers to write music for young voices. To date, YPC has commissioned more than 140 compositions from composers that include Pulitzer Prize, Oscar, and Guggenheim Award-winning recipients, as well as MacArthur Fellows.

Songs featured on Just Songs (Unplugged) include:

‘Fearless Angel’ by Nate Sabat

‘Grown’ by Jordan Reynoso

‘A Matter of Time’ by Nia Drummond

‘Less Different Than We Believe’ by Monica Soyemi

‘We Are the Colors’ by Nia Soyemi

‘Love Everywhere’ by Blaize Adam

‘Light to be Found’ by Caroline Kuhn

Internationally renowned for its innovative diversity model and artistic excellence, and celebrated for medal-winning performances all over the world, YPC has nurtured the talents of children from all walks of life since 1988. Today, the organization is one of the most highly acclaimed choruses in the world.”


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