Working with composer Joan Tower, an incredible thrill for YPC Choristers!

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It was a great pleasure to meet Joan Tower at our last rehearsal. Meeting composers is always fun and rewarding. As a chorister of the Young People’s Chorus of New York City, I feel so fortunate to have such unique experiences – having commissioned pieces written by incredible composers, and meeting and working with them!

Joan Tower was extremely sweet and honest, telling us exactly what she wanted to hear, and when we changed our performance to respond to what she wanted she would smile from ear to ear, or say “Ohhh!” with excitement. When the composer smiles, we know we’re doing something right. She explained to us that she is used to composing for orchestras, not voices.

Knowing that, I’m even more inspired by “Can I,” her very first vocal piece with words. I hope we make her proud when we sing both “Can I” and the world premiere of “Descent” at the Transient Glory Symposium, incorporating everything we learned from the genius herself.

– Rose, Age 16, Concert Chorus

Photos Courtesy of Christopher Hall