#WIT – Women Inspiring Tomorrow

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Through the Women Inspiring Tomorrow Conference, YPC aimed to foster cross-generation relationships and mentoring between current YPC members, alumnae, and professional women.  Each participant was be able to connect with other women who have similar interests through conversation topics presented during the program.  All participants benefited from advice and guidance offered while building skills in networking, presentation and verbal communication. Here’s what some participants had to say:

“The experiences I had as a member of YPC—friendships, travel—have been critical to my development.  I have thought about the women who pulled me up.  Without them, it would not have been possible.”

Eva McKend, YPC Alumna (2007) – Journalist, Time Warner Cable News, Hudson Valley

Talking to these incredible women I met at WIT encouraged me. At the conference during a conversation I was told that once I’ve graduated college, it’s not about the name of the university I attended, it’s about the creative work experience that I’ve had. I was truly uplifted by these hard working women who have gone before me, and how they took the time to tell me things, especially advice they wish they had known! WIT is a fantastic place for both inspiration and encouragement to take hold in young women, and I believe for their mentors as well. Thank you WIT, for bringing us all together!

Bethany, Concert Chorus, 16

The WIT Conference was an absolutely amazing experience. As a senior applying to colleges, the future seems quite daunting at the moment, but listening to YPC alumnae and supporters tell their stories really reassured me that I can do great things because I am a woman, not in spite of it. I was able to see the wonderful support system YPC has given me, and I’m excited about the people I met, connections I made, and stories I will carry with me as I step out of high school and into the real world.

Laura, Concert Chorus, 17

The YPC alumnae participating in this event range from college freshmen to those in their late 20’s, who provided a wide range of experience to current choristers.  As alumnae we can really connect with them and learn from each other.  The WIT Pros are a select group of professional women:  alumnae, parents, and some new friends.  This is just the beginning of an extensive network of mentors who are becoming part of the YPC community.

The choristers, Pros, and alumnae sat intermingled at each table, which was really special because these people who are all at different stages in their lives got to interact. At the end of the event, Elizabeth led us in “Give Us Hope”, YPC’s signature song. The choristers sang confidently, and encouraged the Pros (most of whom were not musicians) to join in- they were hesitant at first, but I think the enthusiasm with which the piece ended really spoke to the spirit of the event, which was to bring people together and create new experiences!

Dena Tasse-Winter, YPC Alumna (2004)