Watch YPC’s Performance from today, and tune in tomorrow at 4:15 a.m. EST to Llangollen t.v.!

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Tune in to Llangollen tv – – to watch the YPC’s performance from this morning in the Senior Children’s Choir Competition. The choristers awoke bright and early, had a good breakfast, and held a short warm-up in our new favorite rehearsal location – the pub next to our hotel! They have been most gracious in accommodating us and clearing out space in the restaurant since our hotel has no meeting rooms to rehearse. Then our wonderful chaperones Shannon, Nancy and Virginia taped out the risers onto the pavement next to our hotel so the choristers could practice walking on and off stage and fine tune their formations. The coaches (don’t ever call them buses here!) picked up the children and brought them to the festival grounds.

We had the opportunity to watch several of the other choirs that were competing, and they were amazing! There were ensembles from Sri Lanka, Australia, and even some fellow Americans from Seattle and California.
YPC was the very last performance in the category, and what a great way to end the afternoon of competition! The first piece, “Picaflor Esmeralda,” was very expressive and was one of the best performances of that piece that they have done. So many aspects of the piece locked in, and it really painted the picture of the hummingbird, and the imagery really came through. Jim Papoulis’ “Panta Rhei” was powerful and energetic, and truly emoted the “in flux” atmosphere of the piece.
After sitting in suspense through the comments of every single choir in the category, they finally announced everyone’s score. YPC placed 5th out of 21 choirs in the Senior Children’s Choir Category!
Tune in Thursday, July 8 at 4:15 a.m. EST to watch YPC compete in the Junior Children’s Choir Competition on Llangollen t.v. –