Two More Choristers Share Their Japan Experiences

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Nihon has definitely been an exciting and unique experience so far. It is day six and already I think of 80 degrees as a relatively cool temperature. Right now, as I sit waiting for my laundry in a sauna of a Laundromat, Walking outside into the 80 degrees feels like heaven. Anyway, besides having a new idea of what is actually a hot temperature, Japan 2009 has been quite an experience. The culture is so different and interesting to me. I have never been treated so well in my life. Min‐on has done so much to make us feel comfortable here in such a different environment. Nijyuni (22) days left and I can’t wait to learn and experience more here in Nihon!!

‐ Lindsey Feldman/Chorister

It is day 6, we are currently in Nagoya and so far the trip is going well. We have had 2 performances. The first performance went well. The second performance was even better and I think the more we perform the easier all of this will be for us and everything will just become natural. On the other hand Japan is such a beautiful place, the culture is so much more different from ours. The people here are so kind and generous. We get a lot of looks in the street, usually smiles. It makes me feel so welcome and makes me feel good.

– Andrea Bonaparte/Chorister