Tokyo to Kyoto

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It was great to finally see Tokyo outside the small area near our hotel. We first went to a temple and marketplace where we walked around for quite some time. The shrine was beautiful and very special to see. The marketplace had some awesome traditional Japanese things that were great to be able to buy and look at. Then we made our way over to the Imperial Palace. The heat was ridiculous and we were all already tired by that point. However, the palace was gorgeous. Then finally we went to Shibuya (the biggest shopping area of Tokyo.) It was extremely crowded and crazy; it reminded me very much of Times Square. We were able eto go and shop to our heart’s content and then we finally took the train back to the Tokyo Dome Hotel. I finished the night off with some delicious sushi and went to bed anxious to go to Kyoto!

– Nichole

On a Bullet Train: Kyoto here we come!!!

I just had lunch with Jamal, Stephan and Owen on the bullet train on the way to Kyoto! We get the honor of going back to where the group of ’05 went to perform at the acoustically sound Kyoto Concert Hall. It was so amazing to see a bullet train for the first time, it glistened like the moon in the middle of December…lol…no but it was really a sight.

This morning was amazing – I’m waiting for someone to pinch me because I can’t believe I’m walking up in Japan again. We’re going lightning speed on the bullet train now. I really hope that our next three concerts match Tokyo’s and exceed it. The Tokyo concert was amazing – as we sang our last note and clapped with our hands up and our faces to the beaming lights I took a moment to hear the cheers and look around at the standing ovations. It was a feeling like no other and after the show when I spoke to Isaac we both had great feelings about being performers and it solidified that this is what we wanted to do!!

– Monica