Tokyo Concert

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Well since the trip has begun, the level of artistry has gotten bigger. I believe that by the end of this trip everyone will have changed in positive ways. Last year as I read the blogs I heard a lot of interesting things and I was extremely excited about the chorus having an amazing time.

The excitement that I had Thursday night was amazing, no one let anything that we were going through get in the way of having a fantastic time. I was extremely proud of myself because I know that I was having trouble with my voice and I had to be on strict vocal rest. I actually didn’t mind because nothing was more important then getting my voice back to do something I love and adore.There were a lot of things I had to worry about for the trip, a lot of thinking about where to stand, what note to sing and how fast to change. Francisco helped as much as he possibly could. I am very proud and pleased to be a part of the Young People’s Chorus Of New York City™, it’s great how we are bringing diversity to another country. I am the youngest on the trip and everyone shows they care and want to help me grow as a person – I feel extremely loved. I Love YPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And extremely thankful for Min-On Concert Association!