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Awesome! We took the Crosstown M42 twice! The kids in the audience really had fun, and Francisco’s asking them to identify the sounds.

Next up: the amazing Meredith Monk, our in-house Genius (as in MacArthur). This is a first for Meredith — the first work she’s ever done with words. The words are from a poem by then 10-year old Tennessee Reed, daughter of author Ishmail Reed. It goes this way:
 “There are 3 heavens and hells, people heaven and hell, animal heaven and hell, things heaven and hell. What’s the difference? There is none.”
Meredith says she doesn’t usually use words, but just voice, because the voice in itself speaks to the heart. So she chose a poem with very few words. The voice is also about the body, and Meredith says she wants YPC to groove!
It’s all about the sound, she says. This is the “things” section. This is “thing hell,” when things go out of control.
But as you can see, this awesome live performance is anything but.
Here we go: Meredith Monk singing with YPC! And it’s all live!