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This Summer’s trip to Japan was a special one. When we arrived we were not sure if we were prepared to do one concert, let alone 14. The first concert was not as strong as we wanted, and we made a promise to our selves to strive for excellence from then on. That’s exactly what we did.

Every concert from concert number two lived up to our expectations and many went beyond. The japanese culture only added to the wonderful experience. From the castles, the generous people that we faced everyday, to taking my pet deer for a walk… no big deal.

Honestly though, on this trip I grew close to so many people. We all had our ups and downs but what it all came down to was the music, and it was on that common ground on which we became closer. As a senior the last few moments of this trip were the hardest. The last dress rehearsal, the last concert, and the last applause. They were all really tough. The hardest of it all though is leaving my family, the people who I’ve grown to love and share some of the best memories with. This experience, this organization and these people will be in my heart forever.

PS – Music is my life!
– Aneesa