Thank you YPC!

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This trip is so fun. Sharing rooms with friends is the best. Victoria P. and I staying up all night talking about life and how it’s going. The dance party was the best last night. We were dancing, singing, and calling people to dance. The competitions were awesome. We played a game called “Run, Run, Run My Baby” with China, South Africa, Wales, Australia, Poland, Holland. We all harmonized and it sounded so nice. This trip really made me feel good. I actually talked to people and stopped being anti-social. Thank You YPC!!

– Inessa

The last day we get to have fun. I will miss this place. This opportunity allows us to get to know each other. We had some good times and bad times. But we all stay together. We all love each other and had a great time. I loved when we all had parties, dinner and lunch we all together. Although we didn’t come in first, we are still winners and we tried our best. The most important thing is loving and caring for each other. Love you Wales, Llangollen wales and thanks bye.

– Divine

It’s funny to me that a week ago we had just arrived in London, jetlagged and unaware of all that would soon happen to us. Over the course of this trip, it’s been a constant source of joy to me to see all of us as a unified family. I have to keep this short, but what’s important is that even when we don’t get the results that we want, we are there for each other, to experience world cultures and become one family of musicians and people. To make all of these friendships with choristers from around the world has shown me that music breaks all barriers. Thanks YPC!

– Melissa

This trip has been so much fun!!! I have talked to people I never talked to before and my already existing friendships have grown stronger. The sights are amazing and the people here are so nice. I’ve met people from Hong Kong, Poland, California, Seattle, Holland, Australia, and South Africa. They were all so cool! I learned a lot about how they live which is surprisingly not that different from us. Another part of the trip I loved was the competitions. Even though we didn’t place in the top 3, we still did our best and had fun and did it New York style!! We played “Run, Run, Run, My Baby” and it became so popular!! Little kids were even singing it in Welsh! Also, the food here was really good. The lunch and dinner on the grounds was questionable, but the crepes and the fish and chips were delicious. The dance party was so fun and I’m going to miss everyone here. Overall, this trip has been fabulous!! I loved it and although I want to see my family, I‘m sad we have to leave tomorrow. Thank you YPC for such an amazing trip!!

-Rebecca H.