Summer Tour Reflections

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Written by YPC Chorister Adonis, Age 16

For anyone going on their first tour, I would tell them to keep a positive attitude. We work really hard, and sometimes it’s intense, but the journey is well worth it to reach the destination. The key to a successful tour is to have fun, and not let little things get under your skin. Everyone on staff and in the chorus wants the best for all of us.

Summer 2016 has been such a memorable tour. The rehearsal process and concerts have been intense, with full day rehearsals complete with choreography, to prepare us for multiple performances and activities per day while on the road.  But it has all been worth it – exiting the stage with full certainty that you have done a good job is the greatest, most fulfilling feeling.
Seeing my fellow choristers cry tears of joy after our concert at the Paramount Theatre in Austin is a sensation I’ll never forget. It feels amazing to work so hard on one thing, putting all of your passion and energy into it, and then getting to experience such an incredible finale.