Students from Satellite Schools Program of Young People’s Chorus of New York City Perform at Symphony Space May 18, 2015

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YPC’s Satellite Schools Program was established in 2003 to extend YPC’s unique music education program and its mission of inclusiveness to more of the city’s children beyond its core after-school program.  Today, the program reaches more than 1,000 children.

Led by each of their conductors – Emma Brondolo, Caitlin Henning, Sheldon Ogbourne, Maria Peña, and Nathan Reiff – the children from each school sang a program of two to three songs. This was the first time many of them sang on a professional stage, and they were bursting with enthusiasm to be performing for an audience of their peers.

Most exciting of all, before their final tutti song, the children received glow sticks to wave and glow necklaces to wear while being conducted by Francisco J. Núñez, artistic director and founder of YPC.