Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Arrival to Llangollen!!

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ENGLAND!!!! AHHH!!!! Since we landed beautiful trees and lakes and cute little cottages have surrounded me. It’s like looking at a painting BUT WE’RE ACTUALLY HERE!!!!! The first meal I had here was fish and chips (hey, when in Rome do as the Romans do) at this cute little restaurant that was located at an old house which very cozy!! Next we saw the Windsor castle and admired its grandeur and its intricate structure. In day 2 we had a panoramic tour of London, which included sites like Big Ben and the eye, and then we stopped by the tower of London for pictures and souvenirs! Today on day 3 we are going to drive up to Wales to walk in the parade of choirs and on the way to Wales we hope to stop by Stratford-upon Avon!!


We got to Llangollen yesterday afternoon and the parade of choirs was such a great experience. Stratford-Upon-Avon was definitely my favorite place in England, but I must admit that Wales is beautiful, especially Llangollen. It’s so small and quaint. I’m so excited about the competition today. There are supposedly two thousand people coming to see the choirs performing. Everyone is nervous, but I’m ready for it and I know we’re going to do a really good job. The other choirs seem skilled in choreography, but I feel like our vocals are going to win us this competition. “Panta Rhei” and “Picaflor” are sounding really good and our urban choreography is pretty spunky and it could probably win the audiences hearts over if we give it our all. Let’s see what happens!

– Lluvia

We arrived in Llangollen yesterday and immediately went to the parade of choirs. It was amazing! Everyone came out and cheered as the different choirs went by. The whole town was out to see everyone. We sang and cheered and waved our country’s flag proudly. We saw many other choirs from different places like Australia, Poland, and Hong Kong. We even talked to some of them. I also talked to an 11-year-old girl from England who was standing outside our luggage-holding place. It was interesting to hear about her life. Everyone was so nice and happy to see us. We then rehearsed and sounded really good and I think we have a good shot. Overall, I can’t wait to compete today!

– Rebecca H.

We arrived in Wales yesterday. My first thought was “Wow it’s pretty!” My second thought was “Wow, there’s a lot of sheep!”

– Vera