Sets, Snow, and a Backstage Glimpse…

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YPC recently performed on Good Morning America’s Holiday Special, which aired on December 13, 2010.  Entering the ABC studio was like walking onto the set of a movie: there were cameras and crew members everywhere!  It was as if each of the three sets in the room was its own little universe. Watching the anchors tape various segments, we saw the hottest new items being sold for Christmas (my favorite was probably the live guitar t-shirt),  learned how to eat healthily for the holidays, and took a tour of the craziest Christmas tree designs.

As we prepared to tape our segment, we noticed a mesh contraption filled with what looked like white confetti.  Given its position directly above our heads, we quickly figured out what it was… a snow machine!  It was fun to have it snow in the studio, even though it messed up the hair we worked so hard on.  It felt like the official beginning of winter, as the plastic snowflakes covered our heads and stuck to our eyelashes.

Click HERE to see our segment on Good Morning America.