Senior Children’s Choir Competition!

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Well today is the second day of competition and it is the 13 and under group. Yesterday we got in fifth place in the senior competition!! I am very nervous about what is going to happen today. It is going to be a challenge because there are really talented groups in the competition. Well I had fun during competition yesterday and I hope that today we will have the same heart and energy that we had yesterday. I hope we knock the judges off their feet.

– Ange

OMG!! I think we did such an amazing job! Although we didn’t have the energy during most of the rehearsals, we really turned it on! I felt the vibe coming off of everyone on stage, which is why we all had the same level of amazing energy!! Although we had a few slip-ups, I still feel like we did our best! As soon as we got of stage, I started shaking and crying, the adrenaline was so intense! There are so many great choirs here as well, the wardrobe is so beautiful, and colorful! It was such a cool experience to be able to talk to people all around the globe, at once. They’re so friendly, and a now I know Americans aren’t the only people who imitate other cultures. I heard a few British people imitating the “American accent”! Although I really wanted to win, I really wanted to congratulate the choir that won, we weren’t able to hear you all, but you obviously did a great job! And just a little side note, Altos specifically got a compliment, which was our own personal accomplishment! We were really proud of ourselves.

– Nia