Sayonara is Not a Sad Word

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We’re on our way to Fukuyama, but we’re landing in Hiroshima first. It’s such an overwhelming feeling to be visiting such a significant place in history. I’m also excited to be visiting theItsukushima Shrine – a shrine on the water!

Last nights concert was great – as I was talking to Caroline after the concert, we shared thoughts on the concert and we agreed that it was so powerful to touch someone in such a great way. When we went into the audience for Bridge Over Troubled Water, people got up out of their seats and shook our hands with such excitement and joy. As I went over to one section in the audience, I shook a man’s hand and gave high fives to the children, and it was a great feeling to celebrate being there with and for one another.

In the song “Yell” that we perform, “Sayonara is not a sad word” is what the piece says. It is so nice to think of this because I was feeling sad about leaving as a senior, but it reminded me that this is another chapter and we can always stay connected.

– Monica