Responses from Japanese Audiences!

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Even though we’re back from Japan, YPC choristers and staff alike continue to reminisce about the concerts and cultural experiences. And, the Min-On Concert Association has added to the memories by sending translations of some audience responses at different concerts! Read on…

“I felt refreshed and invigorated after the concert with their youthful and lively voices. They made me feel peace of the world transcending racial and ethnic differences.” – Female in her 50’s, Kurashiki concert

“Even though I did not understand the lyrics they were singing, I was really able to enjoy the music. I had such a wonderful time with their beautiful, youthful and refreshing sounds which made me feel so happy. I felt like visiting New York City.” – Female in her 30’s, Kurashiki concert

“The energy of the youth and beautiful harmony overwhelmed me. If such teenagers reach out with each other going hand in hand to the cause of world peace beyond national boundaries, religious and ethnic differences, we can make this world a wonderful place.” – Female in her 40’s, Tokyo concert

“I had a strong impression that YPC is the choral group which spreads the message of peace throughout the whole world. I was moved by the hearts in their chorus. I thought I wanted to go to New York to listen once again.” – Male in his teens, Tokyo concert

“Their vocals reached deep in my heart. It must have been so difficult just to learn all these Japanese words, and yet they sang “Furusato” and “Natsu no Omoide” with much feeling, so beautifully that I could almost see the scenic images in my mind. The choreography was also wonderful. I was deeply impressed with their excellent singing of a variety of songs in many different languages. YPC IS the best!” – Male in his 50’s, Tokyo concert

“I was exhausted by the killing heat when I arrived, but their refreshing voices healed me so much. I was able to enjoy the concert through to the end with no break and lots of entertaining factors. Also impressed with their sincerity as they challenged themselves to communicate in Japanese. Please come back again and I will definitely come see you!” – Female in her 40’s, Tokyo concert

“Wonderful! Excellent! I was completely moved! Thank you so much for your wonderful vocals and dynamic youthful spirits which you, the youth, can only share with the audience. I wish that each of you will lead a wonderful life toward the future as well as continue doing such performances to entertain audiences. Thank you once again for sharing your youthful energy with us.” – Female in her 50’s, Tokyo concert

“The whole stage was brimming with their youthful energy. Maybe that derives from a sense of joy and appreciation of the founder and artistic director Mr. Nunez. Thank you so very much! – Male in his 70’s, Tokyo concert

“I was very happy when they gave many encores. I could understand how beautiful their voices were because I also sing in a chorus group. Thank you and I wish you all continued success.” – Nine-year-old girl, Tokyo concert

“This was my second time to enjoy the YPC concert. I was especially impressed with the boys’ chorus in Tshotshotloza. I will look forward to the next concert!” – Male in his 60’s, Tokyo concert

“The concert began with a cappella pieces which I enjoyed fully with their exquisite vocals. Japanese songs were also beautifully sang which made me wonder if even Japanese could sing them with that much feeling. More energetic songs and performances followed towards the end, giving me so much power and energy. All in all it was such an enjoyable time that I was able to have.” – Female in her 60’s, Tokyo concert

“Their chorus was so nice and comfortable to hear, and I wished I could keep listening forever. Please come back to Japan again!” – Girl in her teens, Tokyo concert

“It was wonderful, maybe because the conductor’s personality penetrated through each of the children’s hearts and minds. Thank you all so very much, I was able to enjoy from the bottom of my heart music from all over the world with their powerful vocals and energetic dances.” – Female in her 50’s, Tokyo concert

“That’s amazing!! You guys are so beautiful!! It’s more, not just “more”, MUCH MUCH more than expected!! I could feel what the world peace is!! Many people understand what you wanted to tell them as YOUTH!! Please keep your youthful heart forever and let’s make world peace together!! Thank you so much!! Love ya!!” – Female in her 20’s, originally written in English, Tokyo concert

Finally, a response from the Cultural Lecture Workshop at Min-On in Tokyo:

“I was excited to come to this workshop today. As I am personally interested in education through music, both the talk and their actual singing deeply impressed me. Their beautiful Japanese singing was a pleasant surprise. The YPC’s history, especially the struggles in its pioneering days that Mr. Nunez shared with us inspired me so much! So encouraging to hear that. I could also learn the huge potential that each individual has. Thank you for sharing with us how YPC has become what it is now. You made me feel like starting doing something for myself, too. Wonderful workshop!”