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Two of America’s top children’s choruses, the Young People’s Chorus of New York City and the San Francisco Girls Chorus, will come together for a blending of East and West Coast voices on Monday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center.  

On Saturday, April 11, the two choruses met for the first time for a day of rehearsals.  Francisco Nunez (Artistic Director, YPC) and Susan McMane (Artistic Director, SFGC) led the combined choruses in a morning rehearsal with composer Gabriela Lena Frank in preparation for the world premiere of her piece, Two Mountain Songs.  Both choruses also had the opportunity to rehearse their individual repertoire for the Alice Tully
Choristers from both coasts had wonderful experiences:
“We are so excited to be in New York City!  We’ve only been here for one day and we can’t wait to see more of the city.”
– Mattie, 17; Catherine, 16; Emma, 16 (SFGC)
“I enjoyed getting a chance to meet Gabriela…hearing what she had to say really helped me feel the music.”
– Lenice, 18 (YPC)
“It has been wonderful to experience the sound and power of two different beautiful groups of musicians coming together. To be surrounded by amazing musical composers and artists in order to create an exquisite collaboration is such a blessing. I am thankful that we can sing together, and I cannot wait until our performance on one of the world’s best stages.”
– Clara, 15 (SFGC) 

“I loved working with Gabriela.  Her work is beautiful and she is a fun person to be around.  I am having so much fun with SFGC.  I can’t wait for the concert!”
– Michael, 15 (YPC)
“I liked how Gabriela Frank incorporated folk patterns and tunes into her pieces. Audiences will really appreciate her connections between classical music and relatable, cultural music.”
– Marisa, 15 (SFGC) 
“It’s been a great day of rehearsals! After eating lunch we taught SFGC one of our favorite games, ‘Run, Run, Run, My Baby.’ It was a great way to relax and get to know each other.”
– Mali, 17 (YPC)
“The sounds are the sounds of heaven!”
– Hoc Noble, YPC Board of Trustees

“Today meeting the girls from San Francisco was really fun and I found that our choirs have a lot in common.  The joint rehearsal went well and I was very inspired by Gabriella Lena Frank.”
– Meena, 14 (YPC)
“Everybody was alive today. Our voices blended beautifully and everybody singing was in high spirits. Overall today was a success!”
– Emily Keating, 17 (YPC)