Reflections on the March 15 gala from YPC’s younger choristers…

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“It was so much fun being with all of my friends and singing my heart out! I loved the colorful lights. It meant so much to me to look at the big audience and think they all came to hear us.” – Julia, Prelude Chorus

“When I first set eyes on Rose Hall my mouth hung open. I was stunned. A whole orchestra was going to play for us, lights as bright as stars were on the stage, and long rows of seats seemed to surround the whole theatre. Right before the show a whole valley of butterflies seemed to be flying inside of me. When I was climbing the stairs to the balcony to perform, I felt like an artist. It was amazing to perform with a Broadway star and other amazing artists. Hundreds of peoples’ eyes were glued on us. Each song had a different message. Singing with all the other choristers and artists made me feel so lucky to be part of the YPC chorus. It made me feel like I could accomplish anything in life.” – Noah, Intermezzo Chorus

“My favorite moment was when we sang “Feelin’ Groovy” – the whole audience loved it!” – Jackson, Prelude Chorus