Reflections on the Japan Tour Experience

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YPC Recording at SONY Studios, Tokyo

Lizz Dorovitsine, Aneesa Folds, Wynter Lastarria

“Today marks the 11th concert of the trip. It’s starting to fly by and I feel that we are all going to miss it when it’s over. Many of us have bonded in so many ways and have shared endless experiences together that I know will be remembered forever. On this trip I’ve learned a lot about myself and my voice. We have no choice but to be responsible and to be smart about the way we carry ourselves at this time. If we lose anyone at any moment everything changes because every voice matters. It’s funny because we are given so many chances but every single concert has to be right on, and the feeling of support and the family bond that we share makes that possible. When we are on the stage we are one and the audience can always see that. The concerts have been successful and we have created a strong connection with every audience. I can now understand what it means when they tell us we are young ambassadors. We are doing something special that is making a huge difference, and that is something that we can all cherish forever.”

– Aneesa Folds/Chorister