Preparing for the Last Competition

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I am having so much fun despite the early mornings, and no sleep. Yesterday was a good and bad day. We thought we rocked it on the junior chorus category but the judges didn’t think so. They placed us eighth. The most important thing was that Elizabeth was very proud of us. Hopefully we make her proud again in the folk category!

– Kalia

The feeling of being here is a mix of chaotic emotions, long rehearsals, and meeting new friends from around the world. We did amazing in the senior children’s choir category, coming in 5th place (or technically 6th because of the 4th place tie breaker). We had a concert that night, but that didn’t go very well… The junior children’s choir category was disappointing, despite us doing great, we just needed to put on an English accent to win. Today is the folk show competition, and no one knows what to expect.

I mentioned before that we met a bunch of cool kids. The British School of Amsterdam has a choir, and they seem to have become our choir’s best friends. Also a few of us have met more kids from other places, like Australia. If YPC could win in anything here, it would be for being the friendliest choir here.

The words of “Run Run Run My Baby” have been the most popular on the Llangollen grounds. After playing it twice yesterday, we hear little welsh kids screaming, “The New Yorkers!” and Jamie heard them translate it in Welsh.

Overall this has been a great experience (soon to be topped off with a horse drawn boat ride), but hopefully we will place!

– Ariana