Assistant Conductor

Ahra Cho is a choral conductor, vocalist and educator currently serving as an Assistant Conductor at Young People’s Chorus of New York City. In this position, Ahra is a conductor for the YPC Schools Choruses program. She also assists with YPC’s community chorus in Washington Heights.

Ahra participated in choir experiences throughout her childhood, beginning at age 10 when she joined the renowned World Vision Children’s Choir. She loved the music and the sense of belonging she felt participating in choir and was inspired to enter a field of work that could inspire those feelings in other children. This passion is what drew her to YPC.

Prior to joining YPC, Ahra held the position of Director at Chicago Little OL Children’s Choir in Chicago and Conductor at Illinois State University Treble Choir. Ahra was born in South Korea, where she was raised by two teachers who loved their work and inspired her to become an educator as well. She earned a master’s degree in Voice Performance from Roosevelt University and minored in Piano. Also, she holds a master’s degree in Choral Conducting at Illinois State University. Ahra keeps studying with Dr. Doreen Rao, and Hee-Churl Kim.