One of the Most Fun Weekends Ever!

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Camp Jewell was really fun! I liked the scavenger hunt, the big slide, the s’mores at the campfire, and the new song “Share the Joy.” I met some new kids and played with them and we slept in bunk beds and I was on the top. The canoeing was really fun and there was this huge pig named Stanley that weighed 600 pounds. I was on the green team and it was one of the most fun weekends ever. I wish I could have stayed longer and I will be there next year!

-Elliot, Prelude

Camp Jewell was a YPC boys only getaway, and it was definitely an amazing experience. The camp has a large amount of activities, from canoeing to wiffleball to rockwall climbing and even their own petting zoo! I got to know a lot more people, and even strengthen bonds i’ve already made. The younger and older divisions got along very well, sharing laughs and games and conversations together. A highlight(s) of the trip is definitely the talent show, where a few friends from the Young Men division and I got together and rocked out in a small band, getting everyone on their feet and partying like no tomorrow!!! Camp Jewell ’10!!!!!

– Nicholas, Young Men

I loved Camp Jewell a lot, and it was really fun! The rock wall was hard, but I still did it. I made a good friend at Camp Jewell named Zaccariah, and we are both in Prelude together. The older boys were really nice and cheered me up when I was feeling sad about coming in last in the scavenger hunt. Camp Jewell is great!

– Sam, Prelude

Going to the retreat was like going on a roller coaster – it had its ups and downs, but in the end it was completely worth it! My favorite part was the talent show. Everyone got in, and they all did a great job whether it was comedy or drama.

– James, Intermezzo

I loved the experience of being at Camp Jewell. I think the best parts were the talent show and going down the big slide! I also loved bonding with my fellow choristers, and canoeing on the lake. I thought this was a nice trip because I got to know everyone a little more and I got to have lots of fun, too!

– Sam, Young Men