One of the most fun concerts we’ve ever performed in!

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Hi folks, Eddie here, Artist-in-Residence for the YPC. I wanted to tell you about our concert this past week: On Tuesday evening, the 12th of April, the Cantare and Young Men’s divisions sang at Carnegie hall with James Taylor, Sting and Steve Martin. It was their annual Gala raising money, in the same way that YPC raises money at its Gala. The organizing parties for Carnegie Hall’s Gala asked us to perform, as we ask artists to perform at our gala.

Before we performed for the crowds at Carnegie, the two divisions got the chance to rehearse with James Taylor. We sang on James Taylor’s “Shower the People,” which was the finale of the entire concert.  Even though it was brief, it was a wonderful experience for us. Since many of the choristers had never really mingled with the audience during a performance before, they got their first taste of actually doing so. Most of the attending concertgoers knew the words, so it was as if they were singing along as part of the show. For all intents and purposes, they were part of the YPC for that brief moment.

I had a lot of fun participating in the concert because I got to relive memories of previous YPC concerts that I have performed at where we would sing with the audience. And I believe the audience had as much fun as we did because they were quite surprised by our entrance. They were not expecting us to appear in such a way, inviting them to be a part of the show. I feel with the choristers and audiences involvement, it was one of the most fun concerts that we have ever performed in!

Eddie, Young Men