One of the Most Amazing Weekends Ever!

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This is my second time at Camp Jewell. Right now we are in the dining hall drinking hot cocoa and rock climbing and other fun activities. This is a great experience for everyone in YPC, especially those who are new and have not gotten to know everyone while they have been in the chorus. We have been canoeing, rock climbing, and we have played a great game of wiffle ball. The talent show was funny and enjoyable. Overall, this is my second to last year on YPC and thinking about leaving makes me sad. Iwould love to do this again next year because it is so much fun. I love YPC. :)

-Dianne, Concert Chorus

As the staff sits in the dining hall, preparing the clues for our scavenger hunt this afternoon, many of the girls are coming in and out for hot chocolate. A constant supply of hot chocolate, available 24/7, is certainly a plus in mid-October.

The groups are on their last rotation of activities right now – canoeing, playing archery and climbing the deceptively difficult climbing wall. It is so fun to see girls of every division playing together, and making new friends regardless of age.

I have to say though, that staying in a cabin with Cantare last night was a highlight for me. Half of us went to sleep or played cards, and the rest stayed up to relax and bond for a little while. Crammed onto a couple of bunks so we wouldn’t wake the others, we played games and laughed until the clock hit midnight. The late night didn’t make waking up this morning any easier, but I can affirmatively say that I learned everyone’s name in my cabin! That, for me, is quite an accomplishment. It will be nice to go home and see so many familiar faces at rehearsal on Tuesday.

-Lindsay, Staff and Alum

Before yesterday, I had never traveled with YPC before, but I have always wanted to. I see pictures of everyone on trips and tours having so much fun, and I was so excited to try it for myself. I am so glad that I did! This has been one of the most amazing weekends ever. I met people in every division, watched a super awesome talent show, and, I admit, stayed up all night talking to my amazing friends and making new ones.

My favorite part of the weekend though, was watching the watermelon smash. One of the chaperones was blindfolded, and needed to find a watermelon, so he took his walky-talky and had someone direct him where to go, a genius maneuver! And the other adults began kicking the watermelon around like a soccer ball so he couldn’t smash it. It was so funny! I am so glad I came to Camp Jewell, and I’m definitely coming back!

-Sophie, Concert Chorus