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Teens from three states are lovin’ it:

“We’ve barely gotten started, but already everyone is having so much fun. We worked for an hour or so with Barbara Baker, who got everyone energized with ‘Thou My Everlasting Portion’ and ‘De Colores.’ Then we worked with Jason Bishop on ‘Minoi Minoi’, and finally ‘Oye’ with ALL the Honor Chorus participants.  We’ve heard so much about YPC Erie, so it’s great to finally see them!  Excited for the rest of the day!”
-Miranda, 17 (NYC)

This is an event that we have been looking forward to for months now, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be as amazing as it has been. The people here are incredibly friendly, and the conductors are fantastic. It’s amazing that we have already learned four new songs and we have only been here for four hours. It’s an incredible experience to hear our chorus and the YPC of New York City (which we have been told about many times since we started rehearsing) sing together. I hope there are more opportunities like these to come for us!”
-Kristen, 14 (Erie, PA)

“I was so excited for New York City! I had never been here before, and it’s turning out to be a great time. Everyone is so nice, and the music we’re learning is just fantastic. I especially found that I really enjoy Jim Papoulis’s compositions; everything from ‘Give Us Hope’ to ‘Can You Hear’ to the one I just learned ‘Oye’. He’s really becoming an inspiration to me. I’m so excited to meet all of the other choristers and conductors. I hope the second half of the day is as good as the first!”
-Mariah, 14 (Erie, PA)

“I made a lot of new friends. I learned a song called ‘Oye’. And also I learned a lot about different schools by talking to people from other places. YPC is a great opportunity to show your musical talent.”

-Shanea, 12 (NYC)

“I had a great day and made new friends. I am part of YPC’s Young Men’s Division. It was a year ago I came to YPC. YPC means new friends who are helpful and nice. If you want to check out YPC, visit Good bye I am going to go sing now.”
-Tasean, 13  (NYC)

“I’m the director of YPC Erie and conductor of the Young Men’s Honor Chorus! Today’s honor chorus has been a blast so far. Rehearsals are going very well and all the choristers are learning very quickly, making new friends, and having a great time. Looking forward to an excellent concert tonight!”
-Dr. Jason Bishop (Erie, PA)

“Honor Chorus is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It’s really cool that YPC has expanded and formed another branch. It was so much fun to sing ‘Give Us Hope’ with the new extended family of YPC. I’m looking forward to working with Dr. Baker some more; she’s a lot of fun. I love YPC. I love Honor Chorus. I love to sing.”
-Sydney, 16 (NYC)

“I really love Honor Chorus. It’s so fun. I never get to do stuff like this and it’s a really great experience. The t-shirts are so cute this year!!! I’m having a great time!”
-Emily, 15 (NYC)

“Although I have never been to New York City before, I was thrilled when I heard we were traveling here. I have never done anything like what we are doing today. It is so exciting to see how quickly a group of 300 singers can learn a piece. Also, it is so thrilling to meet the chorus that we are based off of. I hope we can meet up with them again some time soon! This is one of the most exciting parts of my singing career!”
-Brooke, 14 (Erie, PA)

“YPC has helped me realize doing what you love and having fun with it is all that matters. My advice to you all is to follow your dream and have fun with it!!!”

-Dashinique, 12 (Erie, PA)

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