More words from the choristers about Monday night’s gala!

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“I loved rehearsing with the New York Pops! It’s my third time singing with that orchestra. When we were preparing for the Gala, we kept going over Sing, Sing, Sing. I love that song and I could have sung it all day. We all finally got it together and it was perfect at the Gala.” – Scarlet, Prelude Chorus

“The Gala is always one of my favorite concerts! It’s one concert where you can see our entire choir as a whole instead of as individual divisions, and hear how voices from ages eight to 18 can mix in perfect harmony. My favorite song was probably Imagine, because of its story of how the world and all people should live in harmony and peace without anything in the way, and that, I think, is what YPC is all about!” – Nicholas, Young Men’s Chorus

“It was a fun night. We got to sing on the stage and our parents got to watch us and clap for us. The performance was wonderful! I enjoyed singing all the songs. I worked very hard. I was very proud and happy to be with my Prelude friends.” – Maxine, Prelude Chorus