More Reflections on the Japan Tour Experience

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Onoyama-San with Haru Zenda, Charlie Lovett, and Nathaniel Janis

Aneesa Folds, Alphea John, Caroline Smith, and Stephan Douglas-Allen

“This trip to Japan has taught me a great deal not just about my voice but about my culture and personal life also. Japan is a giving culture: you give them something in thanks and they return by giving more. It has changed my ways completely and I am now more prone to think about others than just myself.

Every concert I am more and more amazed at our voices – each performance we hit a new level. I think of us as one body, working together until each of our hearts are in tune and beating as one. (I know it’s sounds cheesy, but it is true) I also see each of us becoming healthier by the day because of our constant exercise and healthy eating. (Besides the McDonalds that we sometimes get!) The cliques have broken to form one unit of amazing people, each and everyone of us.

I have made everlasting bonds with the most unexpected people, and created a lifelong network. This trip has been such an amazing experience so far that Tokyo Disneyland was not even the best part of my journey!

It is hard to believe that the trip is coming to a close next week, because this has been an amazing experience performing on this beautiful island.”

– Alphea John/Chorister