Meeting Japanese Children

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Sydney Fishman, Jamal Marcelin, Lenice Wells

“We’ve been in Japan for 3 weeks now and it’s been great. I’m writing this blog from a bus on my way to Matsuyama from Kochi. We’re almost there and we can’t wait to get there. Life is great here in Japan. The people are so nice and the land is beautiful. We just came from a “day care center” that had Japanese children ranging in ages from 9 to 11. The children were very nice and fun, but very shy. They taught us a dance that was from their town. They also sang us 2 songs: 1 in Japanese and 1 in English. We also sang them 2 songs. They sang both songs with us. They were very kind, but when we tried to play a dancing game with them they became extremely shy and some of them didn’t want to dance with us. This experience was extremely fun.”

– Jamal Marcelin/Chorister