Llangollen: Final Words from the Conductor

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We returned from Wales after a journey almost 24 hours long and were immediately thrown into preparations for YPC’s 28 day tour of Japan. I have been overwhelmed by the emails, cards, and facebook messages about our time at the Eisteddfod, telling me how inspiring it was, how memorable, how special. I, too, am inspired by the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, and kindness exemplified by our YPC choristers. It is so beautiful to be surrounded by such a diverse group of people who truly enjoy each other’s company and genuinely care about the well-being of their fellow singers.

I could not be happier with our performances. Each day we worked harder than the next and the product was remarkable. Our repertoire was exciting, fun, and an expression of who we are. Many people have asked why we are no longer listed as performers in the Folk Showcase category on the Eisteddfod website. After performing, we requested to be removed from the competition portion in the folk showcase category since it seemed our program did not fit in the specifications of the category. The Eisteddfod staff wasn’t sure how this new category would work out for them either. The day before the competition, we saw another act in the Folk Showcase category and we questioned our place in the category with the Eisteddfod office and they said, yes please perform. After the performance it seemed the judges did not understand the urban nature of our performance and didn’t consider our arrangements “folk.” The judging was wonderful, but as the category is new, our “thing” didn’t fit. So we all agreed to be expunged. The thing about America is that we have many versions of folk and in fact, each neighborhood in this city knows its own traditions, and so does each member of YPC. We performed two spirituals with an urban flavor filled with heart and soul and we will forever have the fulfillment of that performance in our memories. I’d like to thank everyone for following our journey. We felt your support along the way and came back enlightened and proud. I look forward to more inspiring stories from Japan and another exciting season in the fall!

All my best,
Elizabeth Núñez