Live from the Y: our Satellite Concert is happening!

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Three gentlemen: YPC Artistic Director Francisco Nunez, YPC trustee George Nemeth, Travelers’ Jim Anderson.

This year’s concert is called Listen to Our Story, and Francisco begins by telling his own.

Francisco’s telling the children how his own mother bought a rinky-dink piano to make sure he would learn music — and now he and YPC are doing it for all these children.

He’s also welcoming all the guest performers and VIPs with us this morning. Jim Papoulis, legendary songwriter and workshop master. The NY City Council, the DCA, May Wellington from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and Jim Anderson of Travelers, who is sponsoring this concert.

Francisco is presenting a plaque to Jim in recognition of Travelers’ support for our children, and the infinitely dashing Jim is now saying, “Believe it or not, in spite of all this white hair, I used to be young like you! What you guys do is inspirational. Through music you learn to communicate with each other. You make the world a better place to be.”

Pop quiz from Jim: What does Travelers do? Amazingly, one child responds, You are an insurance company. Jim gives him an A+. Yay!