Live from Japan!

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Hi Parents!
Today was the first day of our adventure! We are all very tired and all trying to work as hard as we can without screaming. Even though we all all very stressed, we are enjoying ourselves and trying to keep it all together for tomorrow’s concert. We all talk about how we miss our parents and personally, I know that i miss my parents a lot. I have called them already two times but I want you parents to know that we are all enjoying ourselves. We love you guys all SO much and we want you to know that we are well.-Moraima Avalos/ChoristerGreetings from Japan!
Everything is just dandy in the land of the rising sun. We have been working really hard but also enjoying each other’s company and this new and exciting experience. The concert hall we have been singing in is beautiful and very large (supposedly it’s one of the smaller venues which makes you wonder at what the large ones must be like!). Other than screaming my lungs out today trying to produce a sound (were still getting used to the new sound of the hall), my most notable experience of today took place in a bathroom. This sounds silly but many of the concert choristers had their first “eastern” toilet experience today. Its pretty much an underground toilet but a little puzzling. Although there was the option on the western toilet so it was okay. Another notable experience from today was being exposed to many people who did not speak any english. Japanese has no romantic route (with the exception of words that are english used within the language) so we are completely lost. This is why we are very lucky to have people helping us and working with us that speak the language- without them it would be utter chaos. Rest assured we are/will have a lot of fun on this trip, whilst working hard of course, and we will always be kept busy so we will never be bored.

-Hannah Chinn/Chorister