Leaving London Today, and on to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and WALES!!

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So far we’ve been in England for 2 days and we are getting ready to leave for Wales. We’ve been practicing like crazy and I know it will pay off during the competition. The little towns we’ve seen are just so beautiful and everyone has like amazing accents!!!! I always make fun of tourists back home but then I realize now I am one and I just laugh. I thought there would be more of a culture shock so I still don’t feel like I am here but then again I am.

– Katie

Day 3. Today we plan to travel to Wales with a few pit stops. So far everything in London has been perfect. The traveling and the sight seeing all have been very fun. We have done some shopping and other things. But today we go to Wales the thing have been waiting for (or at least I have been waiting for). We start by going to Stratford-Upon-Avon. (Shakespeare’s birthplace). Then we go to the Choral parade. That’s all I know.

– Liam

After three days in London, and a lot of strenuous rehearsals, we’re off to Wales! The weather in London has been beautiful, and we’ve gotten to do a lot of sightseeing, while rehearsing for hours on end. It’s been fantastic so far, and today, we’re marching in the opening ceremonies parade, and we’re going to meet all of the other choirs today! Overall, this has been such an exciting and invigorating experience, and I can’t wait to compete as one unified group.

– Melissa

London has been very fun. I’m in love with this city, and while I’m sad to go, I’m excited for Wales. On the way, we are stopping at Stratford-Upon-Avon to see Shakespeare’s birthplace. I’m very eager to perform at the competition and to meet all the other choristers. I’m sure we’re going to place very high.

– Vera