Jim Papoulis is in the house!

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Jim is the rock star of the Satellite program. When he’s introduced by Elizabeth, I swear the kids were screaming!

It’s workshop time, kids. We began this feature in the concert last year and the response was so warm (and the song Jim and the children wrote was so beautiful) that we decided not to give Jim a choice and have him come back.

Jim’s like the pied piper — he can mesmerize the kids so that their eyes are all glued to the stage. No kidding. The lovely Sophia is once again the official scribe, writing lyrics as the song takes shape on a blackboard on stage.

Jim: What is a song?Answer: Something musical that can express your feelings.

First lesson: rhythm and syncopation.

Jim: If you have any idea you would like to say to the older generation, what would it be?
Answer 1: I love my Mom.Jim: Do you think that your parents always listen to you?

Everyone: Noooo!

Jim: What else would you want them to do?

Answers: Believe in me. Be more respectful to me. Listen. Understand. Trust in me.

The ideas keep coming from all sections of the hall. Here’s how the song is shaping up:

If you understand
Who I really am
Then you need to
Believe in me

Now we’re trying it out with drums — and boy, this is getting to be a really catchy song. That was the refrain, so now Jim is working with the kids on the rest of the song. Here’s what’s happening:

Do you know who I really am
Listen and you will see
Listen and you will hear
Watch me and you will see
And that was our mini-song! And everybody’s singing our anthem, Give Us Hope, as they file out of the hall, with Francisco showing a Satellite chorister how to conduct on stage.

(Live blog and blog pics by Eric G.)