Japan Rehearsals are in Full Swing!

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Friday was the first “official” Japan Tour rehearsal. After a strenuous 5 hour long recording session the evening before (for the upcoming YPC album, It Is Possible), some of the choristers took Friday rehearsal off, but those that were there were ready to get down to business.

Below: Zach, Will, Haru, and Lindsay pour over a map of Japan before rehearsal starts.

YPC Board Member Mrs. Onoyama was at the rehearsal to help everyone with the pronunciation and meaning of the Japanese pop song “Letters” they will be singing while on tour. The song is about the letter a teenage girl writes to herself that is given back to her 30 years later as an adult. It is a beautiful song and is very popular right now with young people in Japan so is sure to be a hit on the tour. Mrs. Onoyama complimented everyone in the chorus for their ability to pick up the words quickly. Must be all the music training!

Stay tuned for more updates on this week’s rehearsals!