Japan: A Cornerstone

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Joining this chorus three years ago, I never expected to be sitting in a hotel room in Japan, after performing in 12 concerts over the course of one month. When I found out in the Spring that I was going to Japan, I was shocked and excited. I had no idea what to expect from this trip, aside from the fact that it would be an amazing experience.

And I was right. This past month has been such a whirlwind experience that has taught me so much about myself and about others. I also learned so much about Japan and the Japanese culture. Learning about a culture so rich as the Japanese culture has broadened my mind and has made me consider a lot of new things in my life. From learning and experiencing the Japanese lifestyle first-hand to growing closer to my fellow choristers, I have grown stronger as a musician and as a person.

A month is a fairly long time, and I have taken advantage of the situation by getting to know choristers I didn’t really know, to growing closer to the ones I knew well. The YPC is a place where many different people come from various walks of life to do one thing: sing. By singing, we give back to the people, as well as giving them hope for peace in the future. Every time we step on that stage and sing our first note, I realize the impact we are making. Being in this chorus has changed my life, and being on this trip has been a major cornerstone in my life that I will never forget.

– Maya