James Taylor at YPC Rehearsal!!!

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There are some things in your life that you know are just right. This past Tuesday we were rehearsing for Carnegie Hall’s 120th Anniversary Gala, which features James Taylor, Sting and many other artists, including YPC with James Taylor as the finale. Near the end of the rehearsal James himself arrived, and ran through “Shower The People,” the song we’re performing this Tuesday, a few times with us. He was a really nice guy, and had a beautiful, authentic voice which was I expected of his wonderfully idiosyncratic persona. A guitar player myself, I definitely look to his music for inspiration, as his guitar work is some of the most beautiful and heartfelt in existence.  It was a really great experience for me to see such a staple figure in music in person, and hear what he had to say about his beginnings and roots in music. I think we really felt his vibe, and the experience of rehearsing with him this past Wednesday clearly showed how we paralleled his mission in singing this song.

James and YPC are definitely a match, and after the rehearsal I’m really excited about the upcoming concert. I think it’s going to be pretty amazing, and besides, I’m really lucky to have in my schedule: “Tuesday: Go to Concert with James Taylor at Carnegie Hall!”

-Christopher, Young Men