I love YPC!!

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I absolutely love YPC. Cantare and Young Men got the opportunity to perform in a concert with James Taylor, Steve Martin, Sting and many more. It was a really great experience, especially when James Taylor announced us. We did a really good job and everyone around us was crying as we were singing. I feel very privileged to be a part of something as amazing as YPC; it has given me incredible experiences.  I can’t name a lot of people who have “Performing with James Taylor, Steve Martin and Sting!!” written on their calendar!

– Sofia, Cantare

Hey all you blog-followers out there! I’m from the Cantare division of the Young People’s Chorus of New York City, and I’m here to tell everyone about the FABULOUS concert we had last night at Carnegie Hall with James Taylor! An average 14-year old living in NYC would rarely to NEVER have an opportunity to even be in a theater as majestic as Carnegie Hall, let alone sing with a famous music LEGEND! The experience was once in a lifetime, and I’m so happy to have experienced it with some of my best friends at YPC and my mentors (the YPC conductors). When we where first introduced to James Taylor, I thought he would be just a regular musician, but when he started to sing, he sounded AMAZINGGGG. I was so excited to see how many people were gathered to see him performing, and was honored to be a guest star! Behind the scenes, I must admit we did work hard and it definitely paid off on the night of the concert. Besides getting the opportunity to sing with a music icon, I also got to spend time with my Cantare pals, and met a lot of new friends in Young Men. All our voices mixed together sounding angelic (don’t tell anyone, but Young Men is my favorite division. They sound great when they sing, and the effort that they invest in their musical pieces, dances, and stage mannerisms is what makes them shine above all), and when we ran down the aisles to perform the song, it all just came together smoothly. This was a great bonding and musical experience, and I couldn’t have wished for a more fun night!

– May, Cantare