How do you say goodbye in Swedish?

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I think I can speak for all of us: this tour has been one of the best weeks of our lives! We’ve made so many new friends from the Adolf Frederiks school and the choruses from different countries, we have enjoyed singing in incredible venues, and we’ve been able to experience the beautiful city of Stockholm every time we’ve stepped outside. The students have been so friendly and have been so eager to help us and show us around their school and city! We’ve shared our cultures and customs, foods and we’ve formed friendships.

I’m so sad to leave Sweden but I know these memories are going to be with us forever. We’ve learned so much about the benefits of hard work and determination. That has been amazing, but to me, what has been most incredible is how we’ve grown so close with each other in YPC, and how we’ve truly become a family this week.

-Bethany, age 14

Honorary YPC Choristers