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Sightseeing on the Pearl River

Though we were mentally prepared to experience China, I think I speak for everyone when I say that Guangzhou, China is incredibly breathtaking! Of course the incredibly long plane ride and the travel tired us out, but nothing could stop us from being excited. This is just the beginning of our YPC tour but everything has already exceeded my expectations.

            The hotel is great, the opera house is gorgeous, and the city overall is astounding. My personal favorite experience so far was the boat ride on the Pearl River. The LED lights and the scenery were absolutely mesmerizing! In addition, we were exposed to Chinese culture such as fan dancing and tai chi on the island we visited. I am ecstatic to be in the country where my culture is from. I hope to get more chances to sing for the public in the future, it really brightens up people’s days. I can’t wait to meet the other choir in tomorrow night’s concert.

–       Samantha

Sightseeing on the Pearl River

Friendship Garden in Guangzhou

Today after a long and restful sleep, we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. We started by going to a beautiful island. We walked around and learned much about culture. When we first walked to the river, all we could see was a sea of pink fans. When the fans parted, they revealed about 30 women of all ages. We looked to our left and saw another 20 men and women practicing tai chi. On our right were children, no older than ten, doing Tai Kwan Do forms with such precision. Just around the corner from this peaceful scene was a police headquarters. In the ironically named “Friendship Garden” outside was a line of crisply dressed soldiers. As we got closer one of them commanded sharply “No Pictures!” Then he gave a kind smile and walked back.

            Shortly after we visited the Qing Ping Market. This too showed us what true Chinese culture was like. The market was full of all sorts of animal and plant products. Sitting next to the tree roots were animal bones, barrels of dead flies, and turtle bellies. A few of us got a bag full of dried lemons for three dollars. Although we’re not doing any more sightseeing tomorrow, we’re going to finally meet the other children’s choir and have our first performance!

–       Jamie

YPC in Guangzhou

Thoughts of home…our local Starbucks!