Good Luck YPC! Reactions from Concert Chorus and Young Men

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It was very fun to watch, especially the movement in “Run Children Run.” I was very shocked at how good they were, and it was very entertaining. Some of them were really enjoying themselves, and were relaxed and it looked good. They were very good!

-Stephan, Young Men

Nice job thirteen and under chorus! You made the compulsory piece sound great! The movement was also VERY well executed!

Will, Young Men

I thought that all the songs the Wales group did at the simulated concert were pretty amazing. Aside from a couple small mistakes in Picaflor (the hardest song), I was actually surprised how good all the songs sounded. And that comes from hearing the Concert Chorus every day. The choreography, especially the step dance and the sticks was also really good, and I know how hard those things are to do! I think you guys absolutely have a shot at winning, because you’re really starting to get good now, and you’ll be even better in competition. Best of luck in Wales and bring home the gold!!

-Chris, Young Men