Gala reflections from two YPC seniors

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“I stepped onto the stage with the bright lights in my eyes, and I knew this would be a great concert! Weeks of preparation for this one moment. The harmonic voices of the YPC mixed with Jacquie’s intricate choreography and ideas brought every piece to life. Imagine and Bridge Over Troubled Waterwere especially moving as the YPC hit the stage with our natural, inner movement. Three eyears ago, the gala was my first concert, and now as a senior, I am back to the place where it all began.” – Alphea, Concert Chorus

“The gala was really amazing and inspirational. This was my last gala, so it was really special to me. Performing with all the divisions was my favorite part, because I know the children from the Prelude Chorus will one day be in Concert Chorus. To know that the younger choristers will be walking in the same footsteps that I am now, is really inspiring.” – Andrea, Concert Chorus