Francisco J. Núñez – A Message to Our Community

Dear YPC Chorus Members, YPC Staff, Families, Donors, Alumni and Friends,

On behalf of the YPC Board and myself, we hope you and your loved ones are safe. It is almost impossible to comprehend how all of our lives have changed so quickly. A little under two weeks ago, our children, our conductors and musicians were all together onstage accepting loud applause and cheers from a delighted, capacity audience at Jazz at Lincoln Center,  a shining moment of happiness, and incredible achievement. Now, though we physically need to separate ourselves from each other to stay safe and well, I want to remind you that when it comes to music, nothing has changed.

Our love of music is what brought us all together. It is a big part of what makes our lives meaningful and gives us purpose. And I want to reassure you that we will do all we can to continue to draw on music to keep us together, to cement and strengthen our bonds and keep ourselves connected to one another.

Last week, all of our conductors and teachers had some great discussions about what we can do to continue to study, learn, and sing and dance together, and in the next few days you will be hearing from us with some new and exciting online learning and online musical activities that you can share all together, each of you from your own homes. Just some of the things you will be hearing from the conductors about are a series of master classes, coaching, choreography, YPConversations, writing opportunities, virtual meetings, and much more.

In the meantime, I want to thank you all for your complete support for our YPC programs and every last one of our incredible singers. Thank you also to our children’s parents, each of you so devoted to their safety and positive life experiences. Thank you to the children who so lovingly support one another; and a huge thank-you to the YPC team, for all the love you put into reinforcing the spirit of YPC for our children.

In all we do, please remember that our love of music and the arts can lift us when we are feeling down or isolated. And yes we look forward to seeing each other online very soon, but in the meantime, we need to stay connected, to encourage each other, to continue to love life.

We are not sure when we will be able to sing together in person in our cherished YPC home, but whenever that is, we will be ready: our spirits higher and our voices stronger than ever. I dream every second of that moment!

Stay healthy, stay strong and keep on singing.

Francisco J. Núñez
Founder and Artistic Director

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