First Impressions

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Getting to the Y was a bit exciting, considering all the hectic-ness going on around us. Getting to the airport was a short trip considering the 6-hour flight that I didn’t get any sleep on. That proved to be a mistake.Most of us got around 1 hour of sleep, but had to stay awake till We visited the town of Windsor, but didn’t go inside the castle because of our tight schedule. That also was a problem because of our long rehearsal in a tiny space. We were packed into a tiny café, and when we took our “10 minute break” I fell asleep on a table and in rehearsal, too. While me and my roommate Erin were watching the tele (as they call it here) we both fell asleep. We then woke up to the annoying wake up call and went to breakfast. Now it’s 3:43am New York time, and I’m in the lobby ready to leave writing this blog.


Sleep. Exhaustion. Bed. Blanket. All we needed that day was to sleep. After the 7 hour flight, (which we were all supposed to sleep during but the most rest anyone got was 1 hour) in our crammed economy seating, and then customs, coaches, and SUSIE HOWE!!!! Who I must admit looks as though she simply hopped right out of Mary Poppins. Life has revolved around going to bed. Picaflor, and Panta Rhei just didn’t cut it with 50 exhausted kids jammed in a College Café…


The plane ride was supposed to be reserved for sleeping… Many only got from around 3 to 1 hours of sleep. We got off the plane and toured Windsor Castle. Due to the schedule, we were not allowed to physically enter the castle, but we got to explore the small town surrounding it. After touring around the castle, we went to drop off our bags, then were transported to a small building in which we rehearsed. A few were falling asleep in rehearsal, but almost all were looking forward for the evening. SLEEP!!!